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MVL Saudi Civil Defense Ministry Fire Testing Successful

Feb-22, 2014

 At the request of the Saudi Ministry of Civil Defence, MVL and its Saudi partner Midad Holdings (Subsidiary of Al Fozan Group) have successfully conducted fire testing at in the presence of high ranking officials from the Ministry of Civil Defense, the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Special Forces, and Saudi National Guard. The testing was conducted on tents typically used in Mecca using DC68 fabric fire protection to observe flame propagation and fire behavior in a side by side comparison in which one tent was protected while the adjacent tent was left unprotected. The test ran for 30 minutes with the unprotected tent combusting in full flame propagation at 45 seconds, while the protected tent did not catch fire for the duration of the test despite 3 direct sources of fire, and lighter fluid being applied to the flame source at a minute 25. DC68 is a UL Certified, non-toxic, chemical-free, green solution manufactured by IFTI, and is approved by the Civil Defenses of Dubai and Qatar.

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